Want to share your story for National Youth Week 2017

We would like to invite you to express an interest in sharing your story at the headspace Aftercare Mental Health Roadshow (YOU-R Story). The event will be held to recognise National Youth Week in 2017 (31st March - 9th April 2017).  

What is the YOU-R Story Roadshow? 
headspace Aftercare centres (Ipswich, Woolloongabba, Nundah and Meadowbrook) will bring together a panel of parents, carers and young people, to safely share their story to an audience of School students, staff, parents and friends. Each story will be unique, but all will focus on mental health and recovery. Time will be available for questions and answers between the panelists and the audience.  There will be an experienced facilitator who will host the event and support the story telling and conversation.

What is the role of the panelists?
We are looking for 4-5 panelists who would be willing to share their lived experience of mental health, mental ill-health and recovery.

Prior to the event, you would need to engage in a training workshop- which will equip you with the skills to safely share your story to an audience. This training will be arranged by headspace Aftercare and will not cost you anything.

As a panelist, you will need to be confident in public speaking, and available for the week during National Youth Week. You will have the support of headspace staff throughout the whole process. It is also worth considering that there will be questions from the audience, which will be directed at the panel.

This is a voluntary position but we believe it is a rich experience for panelists to gain confidence and to contribute to the reduction of stigma when sharing stories of mental ill-health and recovery.

 Who is Eligible?

-       Young people 12 – 25 with a lived experience of mental ill-health (diagnosis not necessary)

-       Parents or carers of a young person with a lived experience (where the young person consents for them to share information)

-       Parents or carers with a lived experience themselves

Why are we doing this?
Consider the fact that 50% of young Australians are waiting 6 months or longer before seeking help. Unfortunately stigma is a major barrier, with 50% of young Australians stating that they are afraid of what others would think. We believe that sharing stories is a powerful way to change attitudes around mental health, increase understanding and encourage help seeking behaviour. We are excited to be in an opportunity to take the YOU-R Story Roadshow to the community. 

If you have any further questions or would like to express your interest, please contact:

Anna Benton (headspace Ipswich and Meadowbrook)
P: 0427 402 173
E: anna.benton@headspaceaftercare.org.au

 want to share your