Supporting the Rainbow

Almost 40% of the young people who use our services at headspace Ipswich identify as LGBTIQA+. As such, over the past few years we have developed programs to create a community for these young people.

Diverse City is a program run every term designed for young people who identify as being LGBTIQA+. The program consists of 6, 1.5- hour sessions and covers topics such as Healthy relationships, mental health, Mental Wellbeing, and the LGBTIQA+ community. The program has been running for a couple years now and is constantly being revamped based on young people’s suggestions and feedback.

We also have an LGBTQIA+ social group called Diverse City+ that meets for 1.5 hours every fortnight at the center. This program is co facilitated by a representative from Open Doors and exists to create a community in Ipswich for young people who identify as LGBTQIA+. As this program is a social group, there is no concrete agenda for each session. Instead, sessions are led by the young people involved based on what they would like to discuss or engage in.

Diverse City term two commences on 20th May, Thursdays 3.30-5pm

Diverse City+ is fortnightly Monday 3.30-5pm

For more information, or register for either programs contact headspace Ipswich on (07) 3280 7900 or