Our new look centre!

Since our opening in 2013, headspace Ipswich has been a welcoming space for young people in the West Moreton community. At the beginning of 2020, we began renovations to provide larger spaces for our groups and upgrade our consult rooms.  Youth Reference Group members provided their insights during the planning to ensure the centre remained youth-friendlyThey also chose the room names to represent the flora and fauna from the West Moreton area. Our team did a fantastic job in making sure there was no disruption to young people accessing the service during the renovations and we want to extend a special thanks to our neighbours, Stride Kids, fotheir assistanceThe beloved Hand Wall has also been memorialized to ensure our community supporters can still find their hand print in our centreOur Clinical Manager, Deb Shaw, notes “we have saved the images of all that have walked alongside us to inspire continuation of our community connections” 

Our Youth Reference Group also love the new centre. Claudia remarked that “the renovations have made the centre a very comfortable and inviting place to be in and helps relieve the anxiety around appointments”. Sally, CoryJordenn and Maddy all commented on the centre feeling “welcoming”“comfortable”“friendly” and “at home” 

We can’t wait to officially launch our new centre as soon as COVID-19 restrictions ease!


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