Family and Friends

How to get support?

It’s important to remember that we can only work with young people who are keen to engage with us. To get support, you or your young person call us on 07 3157 1555, email us at, or drop into our office.


We support people aged 12-25 with mild to moderate mental health issues. Young people who are experiencing moderate to high mental health issues can access CYMHS or Acute Mental Health Care Services

Should we come to headspace or find a private psychologist?

If you can afford private mental health support, go with this option. It's good to leave headspace free for young people with limited financial support.

Family and Friends Reference Group

The Family and Friends Reference Group is made up of a diverse group of people of varying ages, genders, cultural backgrounds and family types. The members of the Reference Group consult with their local headspace centre on a variety of topics and issues,