Wear it Purple Day at headspace Hobart

Wear it Purple Day is a youth led National community awareness campaign that encourages people to wear purple clothing for a day to show support for LGBTI young people.

We at headspace Hobart want young people to feel comfortable to be who they are. But the sad reality is that discrimination, homophobia and transphobia can be a big problem in our community and create issues for young people who are figuring out their sexuality and/or gender identity. Young people who are LGBTI are at higher risk of mental health concerns due to the difficulties associated with disclosure and community attitudes, not due to their sexual or gender identity. We want young people to know that if they’re experiencing mental health concerns or other worries because of homophobia or transphobia, there is support. 

Here is our Youth Reference Group creating a DIY rainbow on Wear it Purple Day to show our support!

 Wear it Purple