Go Grace!

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Last week one of our original Youth Reference Group members, Grace, ran 50km through the Blue Mountains for herself, and to raise awareness and funds for headspace... In her words... 

"Running has evolved into a cultivated love of moving meditation. The quality of each run now quantified by the connection I develop with the surrounding trails and nature, and not so much the length of the run as a form of compulsory exercise. 
I often say running is like a metaphor for life – if you can get up that hill you can overcome any challenge off the track. With running having such an empowering role in my life I couldn’t think of a better time to set a side agenda to raise funds and awareness for an organisation like headspace. 
This campaign was importantly about prompting individuals to reconnect with what’s good for their own wellbeing. If people were to take anything from this, it was to make 2016 the year! Make it fulfilling, contributing and meaningful, an opportunity to be promoted to look after your physical and mental health and take that leap of faith striving for that goal, aspiration or lifestyle change you have always wanted to make!" 

If you feel inspired and want to make a donation, you still can: Go Fund Me

But most importantly, we hope you are inspired by Grace's words, and actions, and make 2016 a year for your own health, well-being and personal growth