AFL Multicultural Community Ambassador Program

The aim of the Australia Post AFL Diversity Community Ambassador Program is to further engage multicultural and Indigenous communities in Australian football, through a network of dedicated volunteers. The ambassadors will connect AFL staff with their particular communities and promote AFL activities as a vehicle for engagement and inclusion. The program will also provide community leaders with an official platform to become involved in the introduction and coordination of AFL related programs in their communities, as well as opportunities for professional development. 

Please have a look at the past Community Ambassador Profiles.

AFL Diversity Community Ambassadors will have an opportunity to be engaged in three main categories of our programs: Participation, Engagement & Talent

Role Description:

  • Liaise between the AFL and your community
  • Promote AFL Multicultural and Indigenous programs through community festivals, as well as print and social media outlets.
  • Assist the regional Multicultural & Indigenous Development Officer and Regional Development Manager you are assigned to throughout the season
  • Represent the AFL at community events and attend AFL/ Club functions and events such as local Multicultural and Indigenous festivals, AFL Indigenous and Multicultural rounds and other carnivals
  • Assist in delivering cultural awareness sessions
  • Assist with the distribution of information to targeted community groups
  • Assist with AFL Multicultural and Indigenous events and activities
  • Engage people from your community in AFL Multicultural and Indigenous programs and monitor their progress
  • Commit approximately 1-2 hours of your time each week

Benefits for Ambassadors:

  • A sense of pride and achievement from making a valuable contribution to the community
  • A deeper connection to, and knowledge of, AFL Multicultural and Indigenous programs
  • Contribution to positive community health outcomes by assisting your community engage in sport and the wider society
  • Help develop community programs by providing direction and ideas for the ongoing growth of AFL Multicultural and Indigenous programs
  • Access to AFL player ambassadors (subject to availability)
  •  Access to an exclusive Multicultural and Indigenous community ambassador pack and access to AFL game visitation program
  • Professional development programs including coaching/umpiring accreditation, conference invitations and much more, to improve your employability skills and credentials
  • An opportunity to improve cross-cultural and communication skills
  • Official Certificate presented at a state-based Reward & Recognition function at the end of the eight months tenure
  • A chance to be the State and National “Diversity Community Ambassador of the Year” and receiving special prizes and accolades

Important Dates:

 The program begins on 1st March and concludes on the 31st October

  • March: Announcement of the ambassadors, state-based training and induction/orientation session
  • March to September: Participate and promote AFL multicultural and Indigenous program activities as per the position description
  • July: Mid-season catch up and Multicultural Round planning
  • August: Nominations open for Ambassador of the Year
  • September: State and National Ambassador of the Year announced at state-based end of the year functions
  • October: Program Evaluation and Conclusion 
  • October to January: Next years Registration period

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