Push Up Challenge 2024!

We’re taking part in The Push-Up Challenge in 2024 and we want you to join us!

From 05 -28 June, challenge yourself to 3,249 push-ups and help us put a spotlight on the number of people who died by suicide in Australia in 2022. You’ll help boost mental health knowledge, promote the importance of seeking help, reduce stigma around mental ill-health and make sure people who are experiencing mental ill-health know they are not alone.  

What is The Push Up Challenge?

The Push Up Challenge was created to promote awareness and encourage positive mental health. It’s a fun and unique way to engage your friends, family, colleagues and community in mental health through connection, physical activity and education. 

The challenge is to complete 3,249 push-ups over 24 days. You can aim for half or the full push-up target, and complete alternatives to push-ups like  sit-ups, squats or tailored exercises. Registration is free. 

What you need to know:

  • The challenge is ON from 5 to 28 June
  • The challenge is to complete 3,249 push-ups, but if you’re not a push-up pro, you can substitute push-ups with alternative exercises or aim for half the target (1,625)
  • 3,249 push-ups represents the 3,249 lives lost to suicide in Australia in 2022 (the most recent stats)
  • Each day of the challenge, you'll receive a mental health fact which corresponds to your daily push-up target
  • It’s free to sign up, and the free app keeps you motivated along the way
  • Sign up solo or get your crew together – invite your mates, work, school, gym or sports club. 
  • All Australians across the country can participate in the challenge. If you are under 18, you'll be asked for your parent/guardian to approve of you taking part when registering.

Registrations are officially open! Join us and #pushforbetter mental health this June.