'YAG Wag' Article: Joy Zhang (Heads Up eMag WIN17)

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by Joy Zhang (YAG member)

I wrote this poem to myself as I was turning twenty last year to let go of past troubles and to move forward freely with a fresh mind. I hope it inspires other young people to do the same.

"Ode to Joy"

(From a Teenager to a Twenty Year-Old)

I heard a little birdie say
that now it’s time for you to fly,
so spread your wings before you go
towards the clouds and open sky.

And as you flash before my eyes,
a shooting star with no compare,
I hope you stop to think of me
with all the memories we share.

Remember days of teenage bliss,
of fun and dance and happy song,
and all the friends who came and went
and some who stay our whole life long.

But also days of teenage hell,
of blinding love and broken heart,
of stormy rage and anxious doubt,
and let them go before you part.

And as you start to break away,
to leave your nest of fears below,
be strong and true as eagles are
and watch your inner spirit grow

and gentle as the butterfly
with rainbow colours painted bright.
Let this glowing spectrum show,
a peacock’s feathers in the light.

So farewell all those ashen crows
which cannot haunt you anymore.
Free your mind, release your soul
and fly through every open door.