Covid-Safe Letter to People We Support

We are pleased to inform you that we are currently planning the re-opening of our headspace centre. We are grateful to you for your patience during this process. Thank you for how you have worked with us over the last three months to switch our support services to telehealth (telephone and online).


As we plan re-opening, we want to make sure our workplaces are safe for everyone. This includes working towards reducing the chance of transmission of the coronavirus (COVID-19). 


To assist us, we have developed a careful and considered transition plan. The transition plan has four stages. We are currently in stage 1 and our services will continue via telehealth (telephone and online). We may need to adjust our approach if infection rates increase, and we appreciate your cooperation during this time.


Just like before we moved to online services, we will continue to maintain a high standard of cleaning and hygiene practices at our centre such as hand-washing and physical distancing.  We will also be contacting those who access our services before we provide any face-to-face support to ensure they are well enough to receive that support.


Once we re-open then on entry to our headspace centre, there will be temperature checks and a number of health questions for you to answer. The questions will include: “Have you felt unwell with any cold or flu like symptoms?” and “Have you been around anyone with any cold or flu like symptoms?” If the answer is Yes to either, we will ask people to please stay home or go home and speak to their doctor. We will continue to provide them with telehealth support services. 


We appreciate our changes may be slower than the government staged plans, however we are being careful to ensure we limit any risk to you or the Flourish Australia staff. 


With COVID-19 still being present in our community and flu season starting, it is important we do everything we can to ensure you and our staff are safe and healthy.  If you have not done so, we encourage you to speak with your doctor about a Seasonal Flu Vaccination.


We are committed to supporting everyone to stay safe and well. Thank you for helping us do that.


Please contact headspace Castle Hill on 9393 9800 or if you’d like to discuss your supports, or if you need additional support.



headspace Castle Hill team

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