Videos go live! Check out our centre and staff


Ever wondered what it could be like coming to headspace?  What kinds of support is available? Who you might meet here? Or who works here?  Watch this series of videos, where our Youth Reference Group members get the low down from the staff on the ground. These videos are now on our website main page too!

Sean tours headspace Bondi Junction– check us out!

Have you ever wondered what the first steps are? Or what a centre might look like? Youth Reference Group member Sean walks us through the Bondi Junction centre and what happens in the intake process. 

Seeing a psychologist at headspace Bondi Junction  – Val finds out how it works

Youth Reference Group member Valerie finds out how to go about seeing a psychologist at headspace Bondi Junction, and the kinds of things you might talk about.

Like other headspace centres across Australia, headspace Bondi Junction provides free, confidential support to young people aged 12-25 around mental health, physical health (including sexual health), drug and alcohol use, and vocational (work and study) support.  This video shows what it might be like seeing a psychologist. 

Drug and Alcohol Counselling at headspace Bondi Junction – Finn checks it out

Youth Reference Group member Finn finds out the kinds of things you could talk about with a drug and alcohol counsellor.

Seeing a GP at headspace Bondi Junction – Pia asks how our doctors can support mental and physical health

Youth Reference Group member Pia chats about the different ways doctors can support both physical and mental health.  

GPs are a great first port of call when it comes to looking after both physical and mental health.  At headspace Bondi Junction we have GPs several days a week.  We also provide free dental checkups on the second Thursday of the month. 

Sexual health at headspace Bondi Junction – Rosani talks with the sexual health nurse

Youth Reference Group member Rosani finds out the ifs, buts and maybes of sexual health and what the sexual health nurses can help with. 

What does a headspace centre look like?

Filmed at headspace Bondi Junction, this headspace National video features staff and Youth Reference Group members from Bondi and beyond.