NSW Wellbeing Survey - share your thoughts

The NSW Mental Health Commission have launched the NSW Mental Health and Wellbeing Survey.

This survey is a chance to get a snap shot of peoples attitudes and understanding of mental health, and what they'd like to see happen for the future.  They are asking people what good mental health and wellness looks like and what they need.

Take the survey HERE.

The survey asks 40 questions covering topics including contributing factors to good mental health and wellbeing, stigma and discrimination, anxiety, the public understanding of mental health, the needs and experiences of carers, the role of workplaces and what regional and remote parts of NSW need.

The NSW Wellbeing Survey 2019 is open from 1 August – 31 October 2019. The results will be publicly released in early 2020 and will help inform the future work of WayAhead.  The more people that respond, the more useful it will be!