Farewell 2020, see you in the new year!

2020 is nearly behind us.  It's been a year of unique opportunities and challenges, and I have been impressed with the resilience and creativity of many young people in coping with the myriad changes and uncertainties.

As I've lead Mental Health First Aid to Uni students this year, we've done as an ice-breaker, what new hobby have they discovered or old hobby they've picked up again, or self-care activity they've instituted.  And it's always been fun to hear - from balcony gardening to walking or jogging, to bouldering and rock climbing, playing musical instruments, learning a new language, baking, zooming with friends, reconnecting with people they hadn't spoken to for ages, visiting the beach, setting an alarm to stand up every 30 mins, volunteering, sitting still on the grass and making shapes from the clouds, or just taking computer free time, people have adapted to the challenges.  And we have also seen more people reaching out for support, which is a very healthy thing (although we are sorry it's needed).

So whatever you have done to get through the year - well done!  Take a moment to acknowledge yourself.

And over this festive season, which may not look quite as we had originally planned (eg I was going to have Christmas in Melbourne), take some time for the things that energise YOU.

We look forward to seeing you again after the 4th of January.  Please note the various options for support if you need between now and then.

Lifeline: 13 11 14

Kids Helpline: 1800 55 1800

Emergency: 000