ABC interviews headspace's Johnny Keiran

Check out iview to see our Senior Clinician, Johnny Kieran, and Katie Acheson, CEO of Youth Action, be interviewed by Yassmin Abel-Magied to promote awareness of Youth Mental Health, specifically youth suicide. Broadcast on ABC News 24 at 11.30 am AEST Saturday 25 March.

Yassmin Abdel-Magied presents stories from the people and places that make up the Australian experience. From the city streets to the urban centres & beyond, she looks behind the stories that make the news.

In this interview, Johnny shares about his experiences working in Scotland, as well as mental wellness, indicators of risk/mental illness, and ways in which young people and all community members can help seek and become more mental health literate to help reduce suicide rates.

 yassmin katie and johnny abc interview

Above, L to R: Yassmin, Kate, Johnny