Wear Your Sneakers To Work Day

The Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute is recommending we Quit the Sit in an effort to reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Studies have shown that sitting for extended periods each day can increase the risk of chronic and cardiovascular diseases.

Wear Your Sneakers to Work Day will be held on Thursday 11th June 2015 and encourages everyone to get up and reduce their risk.

RDGP and headspace Berri staff will be Quitting the Sit and putting on their sneakers and enjoying a lunchtime walk to reduce their risk.

If you would like to "Quit the Sit" and join staff contact RDGP on 8582 3823 or headspace Berri on 8582 4422.

For more information or to donate go to http://www.onyourfeet.org.au/