The Push-Up Challenge



Complete your push-ups any time and any place, as long as you meet the daily target. Each day, the target number of push-ups to complete will reflect a different statistic to do with mental health in Australia. For example, 45 push-ups to recognise the percentage of Australians who will experience a mental health condition over their lifetime.

Over the course of 21-days you'll be challenged to complete 3,046 push-ups in total, representing the number of lives lost in Australia to suicide in 2018. Together, we can make a real difference - sign up today and join the push for better mental health!



11th - 31st May 2020

Join your mates and thousands of others in each completing: 3,046 push-ups over 21 days

Keep track of how you and your friends are going with their sweet tracker. Along the way they'll give you some mental health tips and you’ll also get a chance to fund raise for mental health.


When registering, you have the option to fundraise for headspace. Fundraising for headspace provides an exciting opportunity to support young people in your community. This year, you can choose to either raise funds for headspace National or, excitingly, for your local centre.


Upon registration, if you do choose to fundraise, we’d love you to select ‘Fundraise for Local headspace Centre’ and then find our centre on the list.




To find out more and to register please visit the website


Hopefully we can have you involved in pushing for better mental health!