#AskMel - sexual health questions answered

Today is National #CondomDay2021 - a day to celebrate sexual health and wellness, promote healthy relationships and consent, and remind people about the risks of sexually transmitted diseases (STIs).

In honour of National Condom Day and with our commitment to supporting access to accurate sexual health information, we are launching #AskMel

#AskMel is an opportunity for young people and/or their families to anonymously ask any questions about sexual health they might not feel comfortable asking elsewhere. Across the year our Sexual Health Nurse Mel will be reading all of your questions and responding to them with recorded and written answers, and links to further information on our website, Instagram and Facebook.

There is a link in our profile to anonymously submit your questions, or type in this URL: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/headspaceAskMel

You can submit questions at any time, and no question is too embarrassing or silly.