Register for the Push-Up Challenge!

27 May 2024
The Push Up challenge is a fun way to engage your workplace, school, gym or club around physical and mental fitness. The free even runs for 24 days in June and is great for fostering teamwork and connection.

Support headspace Beaudesert in the Push-Up Challenge

Join the Push-Up Challenge with headspace Beaudesert!

This June, headspace Beaudesert are inviting you to participate in Australia’s largest mental health and fitness event, The Push-Up Challenge! By taking on 3,249 push-ups over 24 days, the Push-Up Challenge aims to shine a light on the tragic number of lives lost to suicide in Australia in 2022.

From 5th to 28th June, participants of all ages and abilities will engage in push-ups while learning about mental health. This free event allows you to register as an individual or as part of a team. Not only is this a fantastic way to boost your physical health, but it also fosters community spirit and spreads awareness about mental health issues.


Why Participate?

  • Promote Mental Health Awareness: Each day’s push-up target is inspired by an important mental health fact, ensuring you learn something new while working out.
  • Boost Physical Fitness: Daily exercise has been proven to improve both physical and mental wellbeing.
  • Foster Community Connection: Join forces with friends, family, and colleagues to achieve a common goal, fostering a sense of unity and support.
  • Flexible Participation: If 3,249 push-ups seem daunting, set your own goal or opt for alternatives like sit-ups, squats, or tailored exercises. There’s even a dedicated app to track your progress!


Fundraising for headspace

headspace Beaudesert is excited to see you join the challenge.

By raising funds for headspace Beaudesert you will be supporting young people in our community to lead mentally healthy and fulfilling lives. Donations to our centre directly support the young people we serve by enhancing our group programs, centre resources and youth-led initiatives.

 We recognise the diverse needs of our Beaudesert community and aim to use these funds to expand our support resources, reduce stigma, and assist vulnerable young people.


Register or support the Push-Up Challenge here.