Youth Suicide Prevention Project: Pocketbook launches Jan 2022

The launch of a new book this week will help prevent suicide and normalise help-seeking behaviours in regional Victoria.

An outcome of partnership between headspace Ballarat and the West Vic Primary Health Network, the Youth Suicide Prevention Project Pocketbook has been created to offer positivity in the form of quotes from a variety of sources in our community.

The quotes are insightful and inspiring and include young people, carers, health care workers, leaders, managers and more.

“The book was designed to promote inclusivity and to help young people understand that everyone needs help sometimes,” CEO of Ballarat Community Health, Sean Duffy said.

“The aim is to raise awareness of supports available, reduce the stigma of asking for help and to stimulate discussion about suicide.”

The book is a cornerstone piece of the Youth Suicide Prevention Project which helps young people to explore a range of strategies that protect again suicide.

The book will be distributed to a number of locations in and around Ballarat with high numbers of young clients including schools, health facilities, youth organisations and other appropriate outlets.

“No community is immune to suicide and the impacts are profound. It is vital we continue the actions, discussions and funding into this critical space,” Mr. Duffy said.

The Pocketbook will be FREE, available in hard copy and for download. The book’s launch will be accompanied by a social media campaign reinforcing that supports are always available.   


The Youth Suicide Prevention Project is supported by the Victorian Government