Tuning in to Teens 2023

Program to support parents and careers at headspace

Are you looking to better understand your teenager?

We know that while parenting is a wonderful experience, it can also be challenging at times. headspace Bairnsdale invites parents and carers of young people in the East Gippsland area to participate in Tuning in to Teens, a free, six-session group parenting program where you can learn information and strategies to support you, young person, through their teenage years and help them develop emotional intelligence. The program helps participants learn how to:

  • Build on skills as a parent
  • Understand their teen’s emotions.

  • Manage conflict and communicate more effectively with their teen.

  • Create a closer and more connected relationship with their teen.

Research indicates that increased emotional intelligence leads to better health, academic achievement, and stronger relationships. headspace Bairnsdale Centre Manager, Hayley Davidson, explains “emotions are central to communication and connecting with others, those who are aware of their own and other's emotions have closer, more satisfying relationships with others and can better manage life’s challenges,” she said. “The benefits of developing these skills are endless.”

Young people with high emotional intelligence are found to have more stable and satisfying relationships, are better able to deal with peer pressure, and cope positively when upset or angry. They also tend to have fewer mental health issues and substance abuse difficulties.

Tuning in to Teens provides parents with the opportunity to learn how to communicate with teenagers on a deeper, more gratifying level and how to help them successfully navigate the intricacies of relating to others by teaching them the skills of emotional intelligence.

Teens respond quickly to these strategies, their self-confidence is strengthened, their curiosity is piqued, and they learn to assert their independence while developing their ability to make responsible choices.

Please call 5141 6200 or email info@headspacebairnsdale.org.au to register your interest or to learn more!