Buchan Caves Trip

To celebrate headspace Day 2019, the headspace Bairnsdale Youth Advisory Group (YAG) partnered with Parks Victoria to plan and host a free trip to the Buchan Caves on Wednesday 2 October.
The 20 young people attending filled the bus and hit the road. Once at the caves, the group met up with more young people from Orbost who were visiting with staff from the Moogji Aboriginal Council.

The young people enjoyed a scavenger hunt, learnt a lot about the trees and animals that inhabit Buchan Caves Reserve, and did some mindfulness activities under the shade of the trees and by the river. We then went on an awesome tour of the caves.

The day included a free healthy lunch and lots of games for the young people to enjoy at lunch time.

We received fantastic feedback from the 20 young people who attended, their families and friends, and workers from other youth organisations, with many already asking when the next trip will be.

It was a fantastic way to not only celebrate headspace Day, but also engage young people in using physical activity, mindfulness, healthy eating, and connecting with each other and the environment around them, as strategies to maintain a healthy headspace, which they can each now add to their toolkits.


Buchan visit

Group photo at entrance to Royal Cave

Buchan visit 2

Youth Access Worker Renae playing Jenga with young people

Buchan visit 3

Getting to know each other at the Buchan Caves Reserve

Buchan visit 4

Stalactites in the Royal Cave