Youth Consultation for bushfire recovery

Young people often have incredibly innovative ideas, we would love to hear what the possibilities could be, and help build and bring the ideas to life with them in their community.

We would also like to hear from families, friends and communities too. Getting your input and feedback is vital for us to implement our early intervention support options. What will young people need during 2020, what will the need during 2021? How can we best connect and engage with your community? What does the community need from headspace to help support the recovery young people?
Survey Monkey for young people  
Survey Monkey for community 
Unfortunately right now we can't ask these questions in person the way we had initially planned, but we can do it through an online surveys for young people and community! 
We thank you for your input to help us to bring our support to your region the way your young people need it. 
Slack community forums - open to young people, families and communities from the following regions

Greater Hume 




This information can also be shared from our facebook page 

If you have any questions or would like to contribute another way please contact us (02)6055 9555 or