The five outs of being in a pandemic

Supporting young people during a pandemic can feel challenging, and that's OK. Remembering to look after yourself also important, we have 5 tips that could help families and friend during this time.

Our Youth Counsellor  Georgia talks about what they are on our facebook page 

Get it out

•Encourage them to ask questions
•Acknowledge you don’t know it all
•Talk about how you cope with uncertainty
Get outside
•Sunlight in winter
•Sunlight for circadian rhythms
Outsource the load
•Parenting is hard work anyway, it’s harder during a pandemic
•If you can get help, ask for help, or give help, lighten a load
•If they end up having toast for dinner, ask yourself if that really matters in the broader scheme of things
•Screen use is up, everywhere. And that’s okay. We’re in a pandemic.
Get out of breath
•A walk, a run, a situp- whatever it takes for you to be out of breath
•Each day, aim for one
•Get out of breath together as a family if you want, but alone if that’s what you need.
Change the outlook
•Try to spend some time away from pandemic media
•Turn off the news
•Use reliable sources (
•Seek optimism
•Do an act of kindness
Whatever occurred today, hug them tight, say goodnight, and try again tomorrow.