Stitch Out of Time, a slow stitch mindfulness project

Stitch Out of Time is a mindfulness project using slow stitching with a variety of materials. It is a process of creating small hand sewn samples in unique ways. These pieces are made individually and are eventually incorporated into a community artwork such as a wall hanging or rug. As this is an exploration of the process of mindfully creating stitches over fabric, no previous sewing experience is needed.
The slow stitch movement links ‘mindfulness’ and ‘being in the present moment’ through encouraging slow stitching on a piece of fabric The object is to do this in a slow, mindful way to create a sense of relaxation and calm.
The Stitch Out of Time project encourages hunting and gathering of old pieces of fabric, textiles and a range of different materials to recycle them into a piece of Isolation Art (Iso Art) to help us reflect in a mindful way of the experience of 2020. Using treasured pieces of fabric may allow you to reflect on the material and its history and recycle it to create something new.
When you have created your piece of art , you can send it to headspace Albury Wodonga. We can then join all the pieces together to create a community artwork on the wall within the centre.
For all of the info and some helpful hints and tips videos, check out our facebook group