Create Your Movement

Move yourself the way you like or learn a new style that can help you to slow down, take a breather or increase your mood, with our latest video resource made for you!!

Follow along with our amazing instructor Robbie by clicking the link of your preferred options of; mindfulness, dance, juggling, balance and yoga. Remember to go at your own pace and do what's comfortable for you.

Mindfulness is about focusing on the present.
It can be a great way to help you feel better and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. Follow Robbie as he leads us through a easy relaxing wind-down with mindfulness 
You can dance if you want to!
Dance is a great way to boost your mood and keep active!
Learning a new dance sequence is a great way of being mindful, follow Robbie through his dance choreography.
Can you juggle?
Juggling is great way to be mindful and present. Follow Robbie as he teaches us to juggle with some old socks!
Get the Balance.
Try some balancing activities with everyday objects and your body with Robbie. This might feel challenging to start, but after a few try's you will get the feel and the balance.
Be a yogi 
Yoga movement can help pour body and brain relax and calm down. Enjoy a few moments of yoga relaxation and self-care led by Robbie.