Work Wellness Shout Out

By Monique


This Work Wellness shout out to Aalayah, who scored her first job working at Spotlight! Aalayah has shown perseverance, willingness to give it a go and went out of her comfort zone to find employment.  

With support from Monique, our Vocational Specialist, they focussed on developing Aalayah’s resume to highlight her transferable skills, designing a tailored cover letter, and supported her in the application and job interview process.

What does Aalayah like most about working at spotlight? “I like getting into the zone organising things and putting them away”

What top tips can she offer other young people who are job hunting? “Even if you don’t recognise the phone number, pick it up as it might be a potential employer!”

If you are finding your mental health is a barrier to getting the work you want call us at headspace Albany on 9842 9871 to chat to our Work Wellness team.