Wise Minds

Wise Minds is a 6-week program for young people that gives young people, aged 12-15, skills to cope with emotions, deal with other people, and practice some mindfulness activities.

Wise Minds starts in week 3 of each Term and runs on Tuesday afternoons from 3:45pm to 4:30pm.

We meet in the same room each time, set up with comfy bean bags, swivel stools, chairs & fidgets so we can all be comfortable & ready to participate. Snacks are always provided!

Each week we focus on different ways of regulating emotions, and learn how to use our ‘Wise Mind’ (combination of our emotional & thinking minds). This can be helpful in managing day-to-day emotions so that its easier to deal with, and understand our anxieties, frustrations and low moods.

There are usually 4-6 people in the group with 2 headspace team members. Having a smaller group of people makes it less intimidating for us to share in a respectful & comfortable environment. You only have to share if you feel comfortable and safe. Remember your sharing needs to be appropriate in a group environment!

Our headspace team members are there to have a chat afterwards if you feel like you need some support about a topic that comes up in group discussions.

To make sure you get the best outcome from Wise Minds, its important to commit to coming to each of the 6 sessions. If you can’t make it to a session, you can let the staff at headspace know to keep you in the loop of what you may miss!

If you are interested in coming to Wise Minds, please let a team member at headspace know, or get a family member to let us know. This can be done by giving us a call on 98429871, or when you come into headspace Albany.