headspace Albany's leadership team given the opportunity to listen and learn

headspace Albany’s Jasmine Heslop, Christie Huggins, Laurence Riley, Conference MC and Assistant Ombudsman, headspace Albany’s Andrew Wenzel and headspace Albany’s Carl Heslop


headspace Albany was privileged to be invited to this year’s Great Southern Aboriginal Leadership Conference.

Centre manager Andrew Wenzel, mental health occupational therapist Christie Huggins, senior administrator Jasmine Heslop and clinical lead Carl Heslop were given the opportunity to spend the day at the local event along with joining their fellow delegates for dinner.  


The conference took place at the Albany Entertainment Centre on the 7th and 8th of November.  

The conference was a platform aimed at empowering emerging leaders, connecting with respected Elders and building resilient leadership within the Noongar community.  

Pre-conference activities were held at iconic local sites such as the Stirling Ranges and the Oyster Harbour Fish Traps.  

Our team members were given the opportunity to be a part of the celebration of achievements, exploration of new opportunities and strengthening the Great Southern community.  

Aboriginal professionals in sectors including Community Services, Education, Industry, Indigenous tourism and more were given the chance to speak allowing for empowerment of emerging leaders, connection with respected Elders and a chance for the recognition of the resilient leadership already within the Noongar community.  

Mr Wenzel described his experience as such, “It was a huge privilege to be invited in to share and be a part of this conference by the Great Southern Noongar Emerging Leaders Group. We listened, and we learned so much about strength, vulnerability and the importance of Aboriginal led community growth. headspace Albany continues to walk behind the Menang Community, learning how we can be more useful to our community.  Thankyou for your generosity in sharing your wisdom.”  

A celebratory dinner was added to the conference to bring together all of those who are passionate about hearing about as well as contributing to shaping the future of the Menang Noongar community.  

Upon reflection Mr Heslop said “The speakers have been inspirational - raw, honest and real. I've been moved by their authenticity and vulnerability. Humbled by the Elders welcoming spirit and hope.”