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Welcome! Marni Ninna Pudni

headspace Adelaide is located on Kaurna Country, within the central business district at 173 Wakefield Street, Adelaide. 

We have compiled this downloadable 'where to find us' factsheet that includes information around parking, building accessibility, buses, trains, trams, scooters and bikes. 

Our full range of Welcome Pack documents can be downloaded from the list below: 

Welcome pack booklet

Our commitment

Your privacy and consent

Rights and responsibilities


Crisis services card

Your online resources and our online resources booklet

Toolkit and action plan 

You will also be provided with hard copies of the above documents at your first visit to the centre.

If you are a family member or friend supporting a young person at headspace Adelaide, we have created this Family and Friends Welcome Pack booklet for you to download. You can also request a hard copy of this at the centre. 

Your family and friends also have an opportunity to talk with a Family Peer Support Worker who will offer support based on their own experiences of supporting someone in their life with mental health challenges. If you would like to arrange a meeting with our Family Peer Support Worker, please call the centre on 1800 063 267.

Centre tour at headspace Adelaide



The headpace Adelaide centre has been designed and developed by young people to ensure it is a welcoming space - you can listen to music, charge your phone, grab yourself a hot/cold drink or a snack, read a book from our book swap and chill out before your appointment. 

Enter the centre off of Wakefield Street via automatic doors. Our toilets are accessible and gender neutral. Counselling rooms are laid out over two levels, accessible via a lift or stairs. Our sensory room 'senspace' is available on request through your headspace clinician.  

What if English is my second language?

Our services are provided in English. In some cases interpreters can be arranged in advance to support you or your family and friends to communicate with a headspace worker during a session.

For more information, please speak to one of our headspace team members or visit Embrace Multicultural Mental Health embracementalhealth.org.au

headspace has a range of factsheets available in other languages that can be found here

Youth Ambassador centre ‘Meet and Greet’ sessions

Young people attending the centre for the first appointment in-person may be offered a time to come in directly beforehand to meet with one of our centre’s Youth Ambassador volunteers. Our Youth Ambassadors are young people studying at university and have an interest in mental health, some have experienced their own struggles but overcome them to become advocates of youth mental health. They generally facilitate mental health workshops at schools and sports clubs, but also provide these ‘meet and greet’ sessions at the centre.

Youth Ambassadors welcome young people to the service by providing an overview of what to expect at headspace, a tour of the centre, introduction to key headspace team members, an overview and promotion of our group programs available and provide helpful tips and resources to use in between appointments.

Just before each appointment, young people are also provided with a survey that you can complete on one of our iPads - the survey is important as it allows us give us some background information, keeps track of wellbeing and allows young people to provide us with some feedback.

If your headspace clinician has recommended you to have one of our meet and greet appointments, one of our Youth Ambassador team members will give you a call around one week prior to arrange.

Peer Support Workers

headspace Adelaide has Peer Support Workers available for young people to work with at the centre. Peer support provides an opportunity for young people to connect with others who have experienced similar challenges. Peer Support Workers listen and provide support in a non-judgemental manner to help young people navigate life’s challenges.

Peer support is a mutual relationship, but is also more than sharing lived experience: peer workers bring life, communication, and empathy skills to the work they do. Discussions with Peer Support Workers can focus on challenges or goals relating to relationships, school, university, work, managing symptoms, general health and alcohol and other drugs.

Our Peer Support Workers facilitate some of our groups, but may also arrange to see you one-on-one.

Your family and friends also have an opportunity to talk with a Family Peer Support Worker who will offer support based on their own experiences of supporting someone in their life with mental health challenges. 

What to expect at your appointment?

Your first visit may be in person, or on the phone.

At the first visit you will:

  • Check in at the front counter and provide our staff with any extra registration information that may need.
  • If one have been booked in, you will have your personalised ‘meet and greet’ session with one of our Youth Ambassador volunteers.
  • You will be asked to complete our hAPI survey, this is brief and forms a part of a series of surveys that you complete each time you visit the centre.
  • Talk to a headspace worker
  • Be given an opportunity to:
    - Share what’s been impacting your wellbeing
    - Talk together about what goals you might want to work on

If you feel comfortable, family members are encouraged to attend your appointment with you.

After the first visit

If you choose to continue at headspace Adelaide, together we might work on goals you’ve identified as important to you. We would work together to plan the next steps which may include:

> Access to a doctor for physical or mental health difficulties

> Study or vocational assistance with a work and study specialist

> Sexual health information and support

> Alcohol and other drug assistance from an Alcohol and other Drug Support Worker

> Referral to other agencies best suited to you and your family’s needs. If you need a referral from a doctor to access a particular service, we can arrange this

> Mental health support, such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), problem solving, supportive counselling and group sessions (such as Mind Your Mind).

> Access to one of our Peer Support Workers and/or sessions though our Brief Interventions Clinic (Fast Track).

At headspace Adelaide we also offer what we call ‘Single Session Therapy’ sessions. This is when you may just need to see us for a once-off appointment instead of something ongoing with us. If this is something we feel is best suited to your current situation, we will advise you when booking your appointment.

How long will an appointment take?

Appointments usually take around 45-50 minutes, sometimes a little longer for the first time you visit us. We advise that your arrive around 15 minutes prior to your booked appointment time to allow you to settle in, complete your regular hAPI survey and any other check-in requirements at the time.

If you have been booked for a ‘meet and greet’ appointment with one of our Youth Ambassadors, these are booked in for 30 minutes prior to your appointment with your clinician. You will be advised what time to arrive at the centre at the time of booking your ‘meet and greet’.

You can confirm the length of your appointment by calling the centre on 1800 063 267.

How much will an appointment cost?

Services at headspace are offered for free, with no gaps to pay.

You may need a Medicare card to access some of our services, depending on the clinician you have been allocated to. We can help you work out how to apply for a Medicare card or access your Medicare details.

We may recommend you see a doctor to get a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP). To work out what this might mean for you, talk with one of our headspace team members.

Join our community

Our safe and supportive online community provides a great way to connect with others, and share resources that are helpful to you.

Our regular group chats bring young people together and explore topics that are important to the community. Our peer-led chats are held four nights a week, where you can share tips and experiences with others. There are also chats run by our professional clinicians who explore topics and provide resources, strategies and advice to help build your skills.

You can also create your own personal space on headspace.org.au where you can curate your own personalised content, and have one space to keep all of the information, tips and advice that’s relevant to you.

headspace Sessions Podcast


Our headspace Sessions Podcast is about all things mental health. Each episode features topical content that is handpicked by the young creative team as well as special guests, experts and practical advice delivered in an educational, engaging and inspirational format.

Recorded right here in South Australia at the headspace Adelaide podcast and PodBooth studios. 

Visit our Soundcloud profile or search for us on any of your preferred podcast platforms such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts.


Our crisis services card: