documentary: overcome - music's affect on mental health

headspace Adelaide is grateful to be part of this must watch documentary "Overcome - Music's Affect On Mental Health" created by Tara Gardiner, Debbie Poyner and Riz Rong Hu. 

It highlight's the partnership created with the band Stansbury and headspace Adelaide, which saw a SOLD OUT gig last year, which raised awareness for mental illness and raised money for our centre. 

We are humbled by the reach we had at this event, which saw young people speak out about their own struggles and also come into the centre for extra support. 

Bands often have to deal with their own struggles, but also take on a lot of their 'fans' issues and this was a way for us to start the conversation. This inspired us to then partner with Music SA to hold the "Check Your Head: Mental Health in the Music Industry Forum" late last year, the panel included Phil Jamieson and our very own Consortium Chair, Dan Schmidt. 

We are not finished yet and are current working on an exciting project for young people with Music SA for Summer this year - watch this space.