Partnership Enquiry

Outlined below is the headspace partnership philosophy. Please number from one (most important/relevant) to four (least important/relevant) how your partnership idea relates to each of the headspace partnership philosophies.


Important points for prospective partners to note:

Alignment with headspace Values

All headspace partnerships will be with organisations whose values, activities, products and purposes are consistent with the values, activities, purposes and goals of headspace.

Alignment with headspace Priorities

Partnerships should support headspace goals and objectives, and where possible, be aligned with key priorities. Any partnership that headspace enters into should fulfil at least three of the following criteria:

  • contributes to headspace priorities
  • supports headspace goals and objectives
  • increases effectiveness of headspace strategic programs
  • communicates key messages to headspace target audiences
  • engages or builds relationships with key headspace stakeholders
  • enables headspace achieve something positive that could not otherwise be achieved

Organisations with whom headspace will not partner

headspace will not partner with organisations in the alcohol, tobacco, pharmaceutical, weapons / arms or sex industries or with an organisation that plans to use the relationship as a means to solely enhance that organisation’s reputation or to promote a specific product.