resources for trans and gender diverse young people

Find guides, videos, mental health information and support services for trans and gender diverse young people.


If you're a young person exploring your gender identity, check out these resources to help you navigate this journey. 

We know that finding people and information you trust is important for trans and gender diverse young people. Connection with the trans and gender diverse community can provide support and help guide you through your journey.

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Watch Jacob's story

Hear from Jacob, a transgender young person, about exploring their gender identity, finding support in the trans community, and their advice for other young people. 

"It’s important to know that you are doing what you can and if things are hard for you now, it doesn’t mean it always will be.  Be proud, celebrate who you are and live your life in a way that makes you experience trans joy."



What is gender identity?

Gender identity is not as simple as it may seem. It describes how you feel about your gender: your sense of whether you feel like you are a man, woman, neither or somewhere in between. You could also identify as gender questioning, nonbinary or gender fluid.

You may feel like you identify as a combination of one or more of these identities. Gender identity is a part of your sense of self. It’s how you understand who you are. Many cultures have a long history of inclusion and celebration of identities that are broader than man or woman.

Our identities are personal and may change over time. You are not defined by your gender, you’re whoever you are, at any moment, and that’s awesome.

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Resources and services

Minus18: Find lots of resources about gender diversity for young people and family members

Transcend Australia: Connect to information and support services for trans young people

Zoe Belle Gender Collective: Access a range of resources and social supports (VIC only)

Qlife: Anonymous and free LGBTQIA+ peer support and referral for people in Australia wanting to talk about sexuality, identity, gender, bodies, feelings or relationships

Rainbow Door: A free specialist helpline providing information, support, and referral to LGBTQIA+ Victorians and family members

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Join the qheadspace online community

Group chats every Tuesday at 6:30pm – 9:45pm AEDT

If you identify as, are questioning or are interested in learning about trans and gender diversity and/or sexuality, join the community to discuss all things LGBTQIA+.

Topics include:

  • What are pronouns and why are they important
  • How to discuss your sexuality and/or gender identity with loved ones. 
  • Managing your mental health when questioning your sexuality and/or gender 
  • How to be an ally for your LGBTQIA+ friends
  • And much more...


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Watch the Out-Spoken video series

Check out our video series, Out-Spoken, where we talk sexuality, gender identity and everything in between with young people in the LGBTIQA+ community.


Information for family and friends

Family and friends can play a major role in supporting the wellbeing of trans and gender diverse young people. Improving your own understanding of gender identity through research, reading and contacting support groups can make a big difference.

Learn how you can support