Family and Friend Representative

Employer: Stride Mental Health - headspace Woolloongabba

Employer: Work at headspace Woolloongabba

We’re looking for a Family & Friend Representative to join our Consortium to provide advice on how we can improve our centre and meet the needs of our community.

Our Consortium consists of our management team, young people and our partner organisations.

Our Consortium is the partnership of local community services that guide and advise on what we do and how we deliver services. This is an opportunity to learn more about headspace and other local services from a strategic/governance perspective, have input into the direction of services, and advocate for young people. 

Young people are most likely to talk to family or friends as the first step to help-seeking. Family and friends play a critical role in the social and emotional wellbeing of young people. It is vital that we ensure there are opportunities for family and friends to participate meaningfully in service delivery and development. Your knowledge and experience will help headspace to gain additional perspectives around youth mental health issues to address the needs of young people in our community.  

what’s the commitment?
We hold one meeting each quarter (every 3 months). Meetings are approximately 1.5 hours long.

where are the meetings?
Meetings are held in our meeting room, here in the centre with the option to connect via Microsoft Teams.

how do i learn more?
Chat to one of our friendly staff, or get in touch with our Community Engagement Coordinator on:
(07) 3249 2222

For more information contact:

Name: Family and Friend Representative
Phone: (07) 3249 2222