Australian Youth Advocate for Mental Health (AYAMH) FAQ's

When are applications due? 

Applications for the role of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Youth Mental Health Advocate are due at 9am AEDT, Monday 30 November 2020 via the link HERE
If you need us to adjust the application approach for accessibility, please contact Sara at, and we can talk through options. 


How long does the role go for? 

Your position in this role lasts 18 months. This means you’ll be recognised as an Australian Youth Advocate for Mental Health (AYAMH) from the end of 2020, all of 2021 and through to around May 2022.  


What do I need to submit with my application? 

You can submit your application here
Please include: 
Your answers on the application form (they’re all in a Word document that we’ll ask you to fill in and attach. Alternatively, you’re more than welcome to give us your answers over the phone, through a video recording, or some other way if you like). 
Your up-to-date CV / resume 
The contact details for two referees that can tell us a bit more about you. Preferably one referee is part of the organisation you are affiliated with. 


What options are there for me to submit my application? 

The application questions are all the application form. You’re welcome to choose one of the following approaches: 

Write all your responses into the form and submit your application here. 
Give us a call and tell us your answers over the phone 
Video yourself talking through your answers 
We’re open to other ways as well - contact us at if you’d like to take an approach we haven’t listed here. 


What is expected at the in-person meetings? 

When attending in-person, all day meetings at the national office, you will be asked to contribute to group discussions, take part in activities, workshops and use your knowledge and experiences to develop the Visible project. The meetings can be quite long days and your health comes first, so at any time if you feel like you need a break you can step away from the meeting. There will be regular breaks and self-care time scheduled each day. 
Sometimes extra activities may be arranged in the evenings (eg walks, team bonding), however these are not compulsory and really depend on how you feel. 


Do I organise my own travel, and accommodation? 

No, all your travel and accommodation will be organised and paid for by headspace. If flying interstate is required, we’ll do our best to book flights that work best for you. Cab charges will be supplied to transport you to and from the airport if necessary. 
You will be staying at a hotel near the office in La Trobe Street, Melbourne. headspace National office is a quick 5 minute walk away. If you live in Melbourne, you’re more than welcome to stay with the team at the hotel. 


What about meals? 

All meals are supplied or paid for by headspace. Breakfast is provided at the hotel. Lunch, and snacks will be supplied by a catering company and be at the headspace National office. Dinner varies depending on the day. Sometimes we may eat as a group at a scheduled place, other times you may choose where and what you have for dinner within a certain budget. 


What is expected day to day, outside of in-person meetings? 

Outside the in-person meetings, you’ll generally be expected to work remotely from where you live. Due to the nature of this creative project, time commitment will vary over the 18 months. On some days you won’t be required to do anything. On other days you may be asked to do two or three things like review documents, or take part in online Zoom catch ups/meetings. 
We’re quite flexible. We try to put Zoom meetings outside of regular work hours, and give you as much time as possible to review or complete tasks by a deadline. We will try our best to consult with the team to find times that suit you, your other commitments, and your mental health. If at any point you need to take a back seat in the project, this is a viable option. 
Your first big commitment will be to go through thVisible process, where you’ll be matched with an artist, share your story, and develop a creative expression through collaborative facilitated workshops. We ask that you try and stay up to date with all the emails / information that comes your way to ensure you're in the loop when attending meetings. 


What’s the structure of the team? 

There will be a team of 12 youth mental health advocates who’ll work together to do a lot of the design and development of the project. You’ll be supported by: 
Two Peer Advisors who were former members of the last group of advocates. 
The Program coordinator who supports the youth participation aspect as well as coordinating parts of the project day-to-day. 
The Participation team who help the program coordinator and helps make sure young people are at the centre of the program. 
The Communications and Marketing Advisor who provides expertise and coordinates aspects of the work relating to communications, PR, media and marketing. 
Clinical Support staff who ensure the AYAMH program, the advocates themselves, and the Visible project are clinically safe. 
Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Cultural Support staff who ensure the voices and experiences of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander young people are heard and that group members from First Nations backgrounds feel supported. 


What cultural supports are available for young Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people in the program? 

Our program is supported by our Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Participation Advisor who’ll be around at in-person meetings, and working with the team to provide support and advice from a cultural perspective. They will be available to have a yarn to if you need extra support.  


How old can you be to apply? 

To apply and be a successful applicant you must be between the ages of 18  25 at the time of appointment. 


What do I do if I become unwell or my mental health escalates throughout the application and working process?  

We’re hoping all applicants have a good understanding of how their mental health impacts them. This involves being familiar and proactive with the signs that you might need some help.  
We really value open communication; from us and from you. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions, no matter how silly or strange they may seem. If at any point things do escalate, our participation and clinical staff are available to help out. There is always an option to step back from your duties for a little while. 


I have never used Zoom. Can someone talk me through this process? 

Of course! We have lots of Zoom experts on the team who’ll be more than happy to talk it through with you. 


Do I get paid? What are the conditions? 

As a member of AYAMH, you’ll be employed as a casual staff member with headspace National. This means you’ll get paid for all the work we ask you to do, at a minimum of 3 hours payment per shift. This is about recognising you for your expertise, the hard work you put in, and to help make it easier to balance this role with any other work, study or life commitments you might have. 


Is this like a regular job? 

Not really! While you do get paid for what you do, some weeks will have no work, and others might have four full days of meetings! If assigned work, it’ll be up to you to complete that in your own time, with a member of the team checking progress with you along the way. 
If you’re looking for a regular job, this role probably won’t meet your expectations. That considered, you will be paid for all the work you do. This is about recognising you for your expertise, the hard work you put in, and to help make it easier to balance this role with any other work, study or life commitments you might have. 


I have some very specific needs in relation to my health or accessibility. Will these be taken into account? 

Yes, definitely! We’re all about inclusion and providing a safe space for you to work. We want to make sure the voices and experiences of those with a diverse range of needs are heard, and reflect this in how Visible develops. The team will do our best to accommodate these needs, and these needs will not hinder your application. 


I haven’t been involved in a youth participation or lived experience program with one of the listed organisations, can I still apply? 

In short, yes. We’re looking for people who have experience advocating for youth mental health, and talking publicly about their lived experience. You’ll be involved in media opportunities, and have the chance to share parts of your story.  
If you’re not too sure about this, please do contact us to talk through a bit more about what the role involves: 


What happens once I have applied? 

All applications will be reviewed once applications have closed. From there a certain number of applicants will be interviewed further.  

Successful applicants will then be contacted by someone from the participation team. 

In order to be appointed, you’ll need to complete a Working with Children Check in your state / territory, and a police check via headspace National. Headspace also conducts reference checks and credentialing (we’ll provide more information about this all during the interview stage). 

In late 2020, the 12 new advocates will be paired with a Visible creative ally and they will participate in a Visible creative collaboration to gain firsthand experience of the Visible program. This will involve bringing your lived experience and mental health advocacy messages to a series of facilitated online workshops, where an artist will interpret your experiences and produce an artwork that captures your key themes and messages. The 12 advocates will then meet for an initial handover meeting in early 2021. This meeting is planned to occur in Melbourne, depending on any border or physical distancing restrictions. Supported by headspace National staff, former AYAMH members will brief the incoming AYAMH team on the scope of their role for the next 18 months. 

Any other questions? 

No worries, please feel free to email the team and they will do their best to answer your questions.