Research job market information

Job market information gives you details of what jobs are in demand by industry and employers at the moment, and also predicts the jobs that will be needed in the future.  Knowing this will help you decide on a career that will lead to lots of great job opportunities. There are many useful websites that can give you lots of job market information. Some of these include:

Government Websites

The commonwealth and state governments gather data from all industries in Australia to help them identify industry trends and to plan for economic growth. They have the latest information on skills and jobs currently in demand by Australian industry, and predictions about what jobs and skills will be needed in the future. A couple of these websites are:

Australian Government Department of Employment - Commonwealth Govt. website with information on:-


  • Labour Market

  • Industry

  • Industry reports and charts

  • Regional information

  • Skills Shortages by occupation

  • Regional reports & charts

  • Education & training links

  • Employment


Labour Market Information Portal - Commonwealth Govt. information portal which covers:-


  • Skills shortages

  • Labour market reports

  • Labour market statistics

  • Employment projections

  • Industry information

  • Job outlook

Industry Association websites

Industry associations are made up of a number of different member organisations, usually companies selling or providing the same product or service.

They represent and promote the interests of their members and provide support to businesses at a national, state or regional level. They often have up to date information on jobs, training and careers in their industries.

There are industry associations for music and the arts; community services; engineering; information technology; retail; manufacturing, and many more.

It’s worth checking out their websites to find out the latest news on industry trends, and the jobs and careers that are in demand.

Visit Australian Institute of Associations and Industry Bodies to access the full directory of Australian industry associations.

Company websites

Most companies have their own websites, and any have information about jobs and careers inside their business. They advertise current job vacancies, and some have regular recruitment programs for entry level positions such as apprenticeships, traineeships and cadetships.

Visit company websites regularly to find out about the jobs and careers available, and the skills and training you'll need. Some major companies worth checking out are:


News media

News media, such as newspapers, TV and radio news, are a great resource for finding out information about industry developments, new companies and new jobs in your local area and other places.

Visit Online Newspapers to link to these websites across Australia.


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