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Industry Webinars

Industry Webinar Series

Access live and recorded webinars of young workers and employers discussing how to get involved in a variety of industries relevant to young people. The relaxed discussions with people in the industry provide valuable information on job searching, resumes, interviews and what it’s like to work in each industry.

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Start Ups: How social enterprise generates employment opportunities for young people

Join in the discussion with the headspace Digital Work and Study team as they examine how one simple idea for creating social good can lead to big success in business.

Creating opportunities and making coin - that's what's in store for the March edition of the DWSS Webinar. Find us here in conversation March 30th from 4-5pm.



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Streaming live on Monday 30 March at 4.00pm (AEDT)
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Recorded Webinars

Construction Industry Webinar: Working in the construction industry
A short webinar presented by the headspace Digital Work and Study Service providing information and advice on seeking, applying and beginning work in the construction industry. www.digitalworkandstudy.org.au