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SAFEMinds: In Practice

SAFEMinds: In Practice training is for all educators and school staff in primary and secondary schools that aims to:

  • enhance early intervention mental health support for children and young people in schools; specifically regarding mild mood disorders and self-harm
  • increase engagement of parents and carers with schools to more effectively support their child’s mental health; and
  • develop clear and effective referral pathways between schools and community youth and mental health services.

SAFEMinds: In Practice equips participants to become 'Champions' in using the NIP it in the bud! early intervention approach (Notice, Inquire, Plan), the SAFEMinds Toolkit, SAFEMinds Online as well as how to incorporate SAFEMinds into the school's existing professional learning and student wellbeing policies and initiatives.

SAFEMinds in Practice is currently funded for employees within the Department of Education in Victoria, the NSW Department of Education and the Queensland Department of Education.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are currently delivering SAFEMinds: In Practice via webinar.

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Suicide Risk Continuum Training

The Suicide Risk Continuum Training package is more specialised and focuses on identification, support and response to self-harm and suicidal behaviour in secondary students and is aimed at wellbeing coordinators, student support service staff, level coordinators and assistant principals.

This training will assist participants to:

  • understand mental health and mental health difficulties in secondary students.
  • understand risk and how to respond to risk situations to support the student.
  • understand self-harm and suicidal ideation in secondary students.
  • plan a response to risk and engage with and refer to external services to ensure continuity of care for the student.

Suicide Risk Continuum Training is currently funded for employees within the Department of Education in Victoria, the NSW Department of Education and the Queensland Department of Education.

For more information about each training package and upcoming training dates and availability, email the training team in each state or territory:


For all other enquiries from other educational jurisdictions or locations, please email


Skills-based Training on Suicide Risk Management (STORM®)

STORM® Skills Training increases the confidence and competence of secondary school staff by enhancing the communication skills needed to engage a student in distress, to work collaboratively, assess vulnerability, plan for safety and prevent suicide.

This training is currently available for employees from the Department of Education in Victoria and the Queensland Department of Education. Contact our training team to find out upcoming sessions.

We are seeking opportunities to speak with leaders from within the various education and government sectors outside the current funded training. This is a valuable product in building the capacity of education staff and has been highly regarded to date, with several studies indicating that the package is effective in improving skills, confidence and attitudes in suicide prevention.

To register your interest for potential future training notifications, or to express an interest in supporting the delivery of this package, please email and you will be directed to the relevant training professional in each state.


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