Be You

Be You is a national initiative led by Beyond Blue with delivery partners headspace and Early Childhood Australia. headspace is the delivery partner of Be You for primary and secondary schools across Australia. Be You is a national initiative for educators, aimed at promoting and protecting positive mental health in children and young people.

headspace Schools & Communities continues to support secondary schools to prepare for, respond to and recover together where there has been a death by suicide.

As an educator, your response helps guide and support children and young people who may be thinking about or have been affected by suicide. Suicide prevention and response resources are available on the Be You website.

If your secondary school is currently responding to, or recovering from, a suicide or attempted suicide, please contact your Be You state or territory manager.

Be You recognises the mental health impacts that natural disasters can have on communities and provides support for schools affected by natural disasters. Contact your school’s Be You Consultant for support or view our natural disaster resources.

To find out more visit the Be You website

Suicide response support for secondary schools

If your secondary school is currently responding to, or recovering from, a suicide or attempted suicide, contact your Be You state or territory manager on the numbers below.

Our Be You Consultants can support your school as you care for the affected students, staff and families.

  • NSW/ACT: 0475 838 049
  • WA/NT: 0477 769 352
  • QLD: 0455 079 803
  • SA: 0448 381 280
  • VIC/TAS: 0458 559 736


Be You Consultants are available during the hours of 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday to support secondary schools to undertake suicide prevention, postvention planning and response activities tailored for their school needs.

It's important for schools to undertake immediate risk management processes, follow emergency management protocols and contact your relevant department or school authority prior to contacting Be You.

Be You Consultants across Australia can assist primary and secondary schools to:

  • Plan a whole school approach which focuses on positive mental health promotion, the prevention of poor mental health and early intervention for students experiencing mental health difficulties through the implementation of Be You; and

  • Access evidence based, quality professional learning online for free;

    • Access the Be You Learning Community including planning and implementation tools, action plan templates and evaluation tools, other resources to support your school to enable and create positive change within your school.

Please complete our Contact Us form and a member of your local Be You team will get in touch with you directly.

If you are an early learning community and would like to get involved in the Be You initiative, please get in touch with Early Childhood Australia.



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