Youth Advocacy Group applications now open for 2017

headspace Werribee is currently recruiting for new members to join their Youth Advocacy Group (YAG) for 2017!

The YAG is made up of young people aged between 16-25, who live, work, study or recreate in the Wyndham and Hobsons Bay area, and who are passionate about youth mental health.headspace Werribee YAG collageThe YAG meet regularly to ensure headspace Werribee is a youth-friendly space, and to plan ways to get the word out there about how headspace can support young people who are going through a tough time. The group are involved with activities like:

  • Planning and hosting events to raise awareness of mental health in the community
  • Planning activities to use in community awareness workshops and assisting in the delivery of these at schools and in the community
  • Setting up and manning information stalls to talk to young people about headspace Werribee and mental health
  • Providing feedback about headspace Werribee’s services
  • Developing resources

To be eligible for membership, young people need to be:

  • Between 16 – 25 years old
  • Live, work, study or recreate in the Wyndham and Hobsons Bay area
  • Passionate about youth mental health and wellbeing
  • Ability to work in a team and participate in group discussions
  • Motivation, willingness and commitment to the group
  • Access to the internet or mobile phone

If you have any questions about the YAG, please contact headspace Werribee’s Community Awareness Officer Kim on 8001 2366. To apply, please complete the YAG Application form and email it to

 But don’t just take our word about joining the YAG, please have a look at the two following YAG members’ experiences about being in the group :)

Des profile imageMEET DES!
Tell us about yourself and your connection with headspace Werribee.
I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Social Work and came to headspace Werribee through a connection with Orygen, the National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health. I have a keen interest in mental health and I had been hoping to volunteer with a service that worked with youth people. The YAG at headspace Werribee has been the perfect opportunity for me!

What sort of things do you work on in the YAG?
We do lots of different things! We’re currently working on developing new partnerships with schools in the Wyndham area to increase the knowledge of mental health in young people. We also provide support at events and presentations run by headspace, and give feedback to the centre and Orygen on a range of different matters relating to young people.

Why is the YAG and headspace Werribee important?
Werribee is a major growth area in the west of Melbourne, and it is continually expanding. With all of this change happening, there is a greater potential for young people to experience mental health issues, and that’s where headspace Werribee comes in to help out. The Youth Advocacy Group is an excellent platform to contribute ideas and collaborate with like-minded people. We’re working to bring mental health into the foreground in a non-invasive and friendly way to the wider community and to advocate for better mental health through youth participation and engagement.

What do you enjoy about the YAG?
I love that every person on the YAG brings something different to the table. We’re a diverse group of young people who have a collective goal to create change and support others, and we all work together really well. I’m always excited to attend our meetings, and not just because we have great snacks.

What would you say to others thinking about applying for a position in the YAG?
Definitely jump in and take the chance if you’re interested in mental health and want to give something back to the community. I have a renewed sense of purpose from becoming involved in headspace Werribee and I’m so glad I applied

Jake profile imageMEET JAKE!
Tell us about yourself and your connection with headspace Werribee.
I’m Jake, 24. I live in Werribee and have all my life. Through a local social I’ve had the pleasure to meet a bunch of really great young people from the area. I joined headspace because I wanted to use the skills that I developed through business to help create awareness for mental health issues in young people in the area.

What sort of things do you work on in the YAG?
The YAG’s focus is diverse. 
- Help headspace run community events.
- Put together our own projects to create community awareness.
- Provide feedback on current centre initiatives.
- Participate in learning courses.

Why is the YAG and headspace Werribee important?
The Youth Advocacy group is an important arm of the headspace because it provides relevant youth driven insight on the centres initiatives. It’s also an amazing environment for young people looking to further their knowledge of Youth Mental Health and have a really great time in doing so.

What do you enjoy about the YAG?
The people first and foremost, from my fellow Yag-a-nites to those that work in the centre full time. The ability to create projects for our community that have the ability to help young people… aaaand the snacks at every single meeting.

What would you say to others thinking about applying for a position in the YAG?
Come and meet the gang. If you love to learn and work in a team, it’s the perfect environment. If you’re passionate about having a positive impact in your community, we want you!