Youth Reference Group- A voice for young people in the community

headspace's Youth Reference Group in Port Macquarie is seeking new members in 2019- Laura Telford Port News

The group is tasked with providing first hand knowledge and experience to local headspace workers so they can provide current and up to date help to those who need it most.

“We had someone in headspace come and talk to my class and since then I knew I wanted to do something to help them help young people,” Emma said.

“I went on the website and signed up and it has been a great few years.

“I have loved going to all the different events and I think it has really made a difference to young people in the community.”

Tamara Ladmore and Joey Hammerton were also members of the 2018 group and said it has been hugely beneficial for them as well as local community.

“I have been on the group for this year and I think it has been a great way to give back after using the services as well an opportunity for me to learn,” Joey said.

“Having only moved to town a few years ago it was a great way to meet people and feel connected to Port Macquarie.

To read the whole news article head to...  Port news   or if you are keen to join the headspace Port Macquarie Youth Reference Group (PMYRG) then get in touch with Jules at: or on :6588 7308


VOICE: Ashlee Kirkman, Isobella Bennett, Tamara Ladmore, Emma Cleasdale and Joey Hammerton were members of the 2018 Youth Reference Group at headspace Port Macquarie. Photo: Laura Telford.