Celebrating with our LGBTIQ community

Rainbow flag and blue skies2

People of the Goulburn region who identify as LGBTIQ recently had cause for celebration with the historic and overwhelming positive response to the marriage equality postal survey and headspace Goulburn is thrilled that on the 7th of December the Australian Parliament passed into law legislation to legalize same sex marriage in Australia. 

As a service that supports young people, some of whom identify as LGBTIQ, headspace Goulburn joined with headspace centres across Australia to support the “yes” campaign in recognition of the real and devastating impact on young LGBTIQ people from marriage inequality.

The postal survey saw broad public debate around LGBTIQ relationships, which highlighted both positive views on same sex relationships whilst also allowing voice to concerns held by some of the perceived impacts a change to marriage law might have. At the end though 61.6% of us nationally voted to make marriage equality a reality.

With research from the #mindthefacts campaign showing up to 3,000 suicide attempts could be averted in Australia every year if marriage equality is legalised (Source: headspace National Office)  the recognition of marriage equality is one step towards reducing Australia’s unacceptably high suicide rates.

For all people in our community who identify as same sex attracted George Brandis may have said it best: “You are a normal person and, like every other normal person, you have a need to love... Whom you love is for you to decide and others to respect”

headspace Goulburn is pleased that for people who are same sex attracted in our community the last bastion of discrimination is now be removed.

- Letter to the Editor, Goulburn Post  (7 December 2017)