hYLITE Centre: Mentor profile: Lucy


Tell us a little about why you decided to become a hYLITE mentor?

As a third year Psychology student I am already thinking about what job opportunities will lie ahead for me. Moving into such a broad profession, I was really interested in gaining some experience in specific areas. Becoming a hYLITE mentor has allowed me to do this, and the invaluable experience has strongly developed my interest for working with youth in the future.

What is a day at headspace like for you?

Thursday at headspace is busy! The students are non-stop all day. While I’m there I help them with their schoolwork, develop sensibility and mindfulness skills, as well as cook lunch together. It is a great environment to be in, and such a reward to know that I am helping student’s gain this experience.

How do you look after your mental health?

Between university and my busy lifestyle at the moment I find it particularly important to take time out for my mental health. Generally, I try to take half an hour out of the end of each day to do something I enjoy that is not so fast paced! This might be spending the afternoon on the farm or reading a good book to take some time out from things that are on my mind at the time.

What is your preferred way of approaching a friend in need who looks sad or down?

To me its important to start off simple – “how are things going?” is a really easy way of opening up the conversation but not applying too much pressure on the other person. Just making sure my friends know they can talk to me at anytime means that they feel more comfortable approaching me at anytime.