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Term 2 Tuning into Teens is a Wrap!

14 Jun 2019

Thanks to our term 2 participants, it was great having you involved over the last 6 weeks. We enjoyed the rich conversations and being a part of your journey of growth. You’re all wonderful, loving parents and you should all be proud of yourselves!


You can have a read below to see how Term 2's Tuning into Teens Program s helped participants

“TINT has showed me how to be more patient and level headed , and has really helped my partner and i to let our guards down and work together”
“It (TINT) has helped me be a better communicator and listener.It has helped me identify areas where i needed to improve in relation to effective questioning to help my understand and reflect on how they are feeling”
“Immensely! Remember to connect, listen, engage and emotion coach! :) Thank you!”
“I have learnt so much, my kids and I have benefited so much and are so appreciative. As a parent i have gotten better. Thank you!!!”
“It helped me understand teens' behaviour and how to react to different situations , how teens' brains work and this effects their behaviour and emotions”
“It has helped me understand that teenagers think + behave differently to adults . Sometimes, we just need to realise that this generation is different to when we grew up”

Reminder that we are once again running a Tuning into Teens Program in Term 3! Next Term’s program will have a specific focus on managing difficult behaviours and early intervention in teenagers and will run for 7 consecutive weeks, on Wednesdays July 24- September 11.

You can register your interest with reception by giving them a call on 8065 5600 or send an email through to 



What Is Tuning into Teens?

Tuning into Teens, or TINT as it is referred to, is a six session program generally conducted over six weeks.  The program is designed to support parents to help and teach their teenage children to control, understand and express their emotions in healthy and positive ways. TINT is based on Tuning Into Kids ( and helps parents to recognise, understand and respond to their teens emotions, which in turn helps their teens manage their own emotions.  Tuning into Teens offers a range of approaches and strategies grounded in the idea of emotional intelligence.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is about using your emotions to guide you through the world. It is about being able to use your own knowledge of emotions to make decisions, to manage anger and conflict and to calm yourself down.  High EQ helps you to build your relationships, to know what is happening in social situations, and assists you to manage social interactions. 

 Research has shown that teenagers with high emotional intelligence:

  • are more aware, assertive and strong in situations of peer pressure
  • are more easily able to make friends and resolve problems with others
  • cope better when times are tough
  • have fewer mental health and substance abuse difficulties
  • are able to develop more positive and stable relationships as they grow older
  • are more determined in succeeding in all aspects of their life.   


What are the Aims of the Tuning into Teens Program?

The program aims to teach parents about how they, as parents, can help their teenage children develop good emotional skills.  For example:

  • awareness of what emotions their teen is experiencing
  • to view their teen’s emotions as opportunity to connect with them and guide them
  • helping their teen identify and describe what they are feeling
  • learn to listen to their teen’s problems without judgement 
  • strengthen their and their teen’s skills problem solving and learning to cope with boundaries and limitations

What Will I be Doing in Tuning into Teens?

TINT involves watching video material, group discussions, role plays and home activities, where parents try out different ways of responding to their teenager’s emotions. Parents are encouraged to share experiences and ideas within the group.  If comfortable, the co-facilitators may use these as examples to explain and teach the skills of emotion coaching.

I’m interested in participating or want to learn a little bit more, who do I get in contact with?

You can call Tara or Stephen at reception on 8065 5600 or alternatively send through an email to