Celebrating 10 years of headspace with #headspace Day

During mental health week (9th October – 16th October), we celebrated 10 years of headspace with #headspaceday and hosted an open day at the centre on Tuesday 11th October.  This day was a success thanks to the efforts of the  wonderful community team that expanded with volunteers and students undertaking placements at the centre and the involvement of all the headspace Woolloongabba team.    We were excited to work closely with the Albert Park Flexi school who provided the entertainment.  

 highlights were

  • watching the students from Albert Park Flexi school arrive and do their thing (perform solo, DJ and the band) all day.  It truly was wonderful to be able to listen to them as I went about my day.
  • Seeing team members mingle and play together and with guests and visitors
  • Creation of a collective art work that was led by a student from Albert Park Flexi school
  • Having enough cake for everyone!