Sexual health services at headpsce Geelong

Sexual Health is mega important- headspace Geelong can help you look after yours


Did you know?  headspace Geelong offers sexual health services, and just like our mental and other physical health services it’s all free and confidential. 

If you’ve never had a sexual health check, or it’s been a while, or if you’ve recently had a new sexual partner, book in and talk to one of our nurses.  

Our youth-friendly nurses can help out with;

*Contraception advice and information

*Testing for STIs

*Information on STIs and safer sex practices

*Information on healthy sexual relationships

*pregnancy testing and options counselling



Here are some things to think about.. 


When should you get an STI screen?

You should book in for a STI screen when you first become sexually active and then every time you have a new partner. Even if you’re in a longer term relationship you should get checked at least once per year.

Getting an STI screen is really quick and easy, and at headspace Geelong it’s also free, call to book in on 5222 6690 or use our online referral system

Feeling awkward about coming in for an STI screen is totally okay, remember our nurses do this all the time so; 1. They’ve seen it all before and 2. They’re really good at making you feel comfortable.


Thinking about having sex?

If you’re thinking about having sex you probably feel nervous and excited. Even if it’s not your first time it’s normal to experience these emotions. It can help to talk it through with someone first. You may want to get advice from someone you trust, like a family member, teacher or counsellor.

Our Nurses and GPs can also give you information to help make sex enjoyable, and help you maintain your sexual health.

It’s really important to feel safe and in control of any sexual experiences. This article contains great info about sex and sexual health 


Safe sex is a lot more that protecting yourself from STIs.

Safe sex is also about feeling safe within a relationship and each partner actively consenting to any sexual activity.

You can chat to our nurses about establishing boundaries and how you can start conversations about sex.


This clip is a great way to think about consent.




When you get support with your sexual health you’ll benefit in a number of ways;

  • You’ll be getting help to be safer and healthier

  • You’ll be looking out for anyone you’re intimate with

  • You’ll be taking care of your body

  • You’ll be supporting your mental health.

It’s definitely worth it!



More Info:

If you or someone you know has experienced or is experiencing sexual assault or abuse, you should contact the Sexual Assault Crisis Line on 1800 806 292 or  the Sexual Assault & Family Violence Centre in Geelong