Nicole's Story

Our valued and incredible Youth Future's Crew (YFC) member, Nicole, has recently joined the headspace Youth National Reference Group (hY NRG). Nicole has been a key member of our YFC during our partnership with VIVA Energy who funded leadership training for the group and supported their work in the community.
Nicole recently shared her experiences with headspace National who published the below article in their corporate partners newsletter.

Nicole's Story 

headspace Youth National Reference Group (hY NRG) and headspace Geelong Youth Reference Group member Nicole Scott has been working with the headspace Corporate Partnerships and Fundraising team over the last couple of weeks. We asked her to share her story of volunteering with headspace and being part of the Viva Energy partnership. 


I started volunteering in the headspace Geelong Youth Futures Crew (YFC) in July 2018. I remember being very nervous about joining this volunteering role as I was experiencing lots of anxiety on a daily basis and I had a massive fear of sitting in a room with a group of people. I was very fearful of the world, but the opportunity to help others on a regular basis and with a mental health organisation outweighed my fear.

My life changed quite quickly with volunteering. The YRG met up regularly and planned what events to go to and what we could do with young people at that event. Soon I realised I was in a safe space, I learnt to speak up, express myself and to put my ideas forward. The group helped me to start trusting people again and through the Youth Futures Crew (YFC) at headspace Geelong I started to feel purpose and meaning; I found my passion.

Thanks to Viva Energy, we have the ability to go to events all over Geelong, where we engage and educate young people in the Geelong community about how to keep a healthy headspace and to reduce stigma around mental health. I remember one specific event that we went to called the SKART Festival at the Fort in Norlane. A young person who I had talked to previously asked if I remembered them and I said “Of course I remember you!” I remember their face lighting up almost like “Wow! Someone remembered me?!” and I will never forget that moment because I really felt a connection with that young person and felt I had made a deeper impact to that person’s life and even for a moment they felt worthy.

I am now a member of hY NRG, as well as headspace Geelong YRG. Volunteering and working with headspace has been more than a passion of mine its helped me realise who I am, that I have worth and overall it has helped me get to and maintain a healthier headspace.


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