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Trent, 23, talks Access to headspace services

I had battled with depression for years and knew I was starting to show signs of a relapse - my mental health was deteriorating... fast. In the past, this had resulted in me attempting to take my own life, and I didn’t want to walk that road again. I felt like I had been failed by both private and public institutions already, but my determination to keep breathing led me to seek help elsewhere.

Trent Caldwell

I originally started going for free counselling sessions. It was like no other counselling session I had ever had, I felt empowered every time I left the room and motivated to keep fighting on in life. I also started to access their GP service which was also free. The doctors there were some of the best again I had ever had.

My time going to headspace taught me important lesson mental illness is normal, I’m supported, and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Thanks for reading,

Trent, 23

Published 26 September 2016