headspace work and study

If you're 15 - 25 and worried about work or study, get free and confidential support from the work and study specialists at headspace.

  • headspace work and study can assist you with creating a winning resume, career planning, job searching, interview preparation, contact and collaboration with employers and social firms.
  • We can work with your employment consultant and assist you with navigating the Centrelink labyrinth.
  • We can support you in exploring suitable education options, assist you with getting into study, as well as sourcing financial support for your education.
  • The underlying work that we do is motivating and supporting you in an individually tailored way.

Research has shown that working can help reduce mental health symptoms. Not only can working help to improve your wellbeing and give you a sense of purpose, it can also provide you with structure and routine in your day-to-day life. A job could also provide you with opportunities to socialise with your colleagues, expand your communication skills and provide you with financial security.

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