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  • Jess, 14, NSW

    Sticky situation

    Hi everyone
    I was in a very sticky situation once and I didn't want to talk to my mum then I looked up kids helpline and I found eheadspace and spoke to a counsellor he helped me out lots I just want to say thanks eheadspace and I'm sure you'll…

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  • Mel, 15, NSW

    Feel Embarrassed About Talking to Someone?

    I was in a bad place, have been for awhile and I didn't want to say anything to anyone because I felt that it was embarrassing and I would be seen as weak.

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  • Sarah, 12, QLD

    Thanks so much

    Eheadspace helped me find myself and get my life back together. Hopefully this will help you too. :-D

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  • Mia, 15, VIC

    Thanks so much!

    thank you for helping me out with my strained relationship with my mum, I really needed someone to talk to and eheadspace helped me out so much! The counsellor I talked to was really nice and I hope people my age use this valuable resource as I have.

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  • Ashley, 19, NSW

    Sad, stressed & not sure what to do

    I've dealt with OCD previously and had been to headspace a year ago. I haven't had any therapy for a little less than a year after leaving a psychologist. Today I decided to go on eheadspace to talk about further treatment and the issues.

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  • Bella, 16, NSW

    Helped me clear my head

    I had been having some personal issues that I had no idea how to tackle. For a long time, I was wondering what I should do and how I could resolve these issues that we're making me feel very anxious.

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  • Caitlin, 14, NSW

    Thank You

    I feel as though I can properly communicate with others now instead of getting really anxious and having a panic attack, thank you.

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  • Claire, 20, SA

    Friendly words in bad times.

    Hi, I'd not like to say much other than I lost a dear friend, and I was worried I was going to spiral down, but these lovely people pointed me in the right direction, and showed me some simple things to do to stay held together.

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  • Belle, 15, NSW

    family meltdowns ..

    eheadspace helped so much by just being there for a chat or when I needed advice on how to deal with certain things. It made me feel not so hopless and like life wasn't going to be so bad anymore

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  • Jen, 18, QLD

    How eheadspace has helped me

    eheadspace has been amazing! They have supported me 100% and given me the best possible help. I was never the perfect child growing up.  eheadspace and headspace have helped me conquer my fears of what happened as a kid.  

    Thank you eheadspace

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