Thanks a bunch

I've been struggling for a long time, eheadspace has been there for me for some of that time.

I can honestly say that eheadspace has made a difference. My counsellor worked with me and my face to face supports to help me in a really tough time.

I found that the fact that my eheadspace support was someone that I had never met helped me to be completely honest about what I was going through and how I felt. My worker helped me to bring this level of honesty to my face to face supports and lead some significant breakthroughs and changes.

I finished up with eheadspace today, after years of support. I'm still struggling, I still feel down, but less so. I tackle my problems now with a new perspective and with new skills to help make it a little easier.

Now, I will work with face to face supports as I continue to improve.

If you need help, don't hesitate, just do it.

eheadspace breaks down barriers to accessing support, whether that is the fact that distance or other factors prevent you from getting to a centre, or if the idea of walking into a centre is too scary at first, eheadspace can be your first port of call.

Thank you to the team at eheadspace for supporting me through the tough times.